The Kibitzer (1930)


In this comedy, a Yiddish fellow cannot keep from kibitzing into other people’s lives. Trouble ensues when he is mistakenly given a huge fortune in stocks that he can spend any way he pleases. At the same time, his daughter has fallen in love with an impoverished, but good hearted boy.

Director: Edward Sloman.
Stars: Harry Green, Mary Brian, Neil Hamilton, Albert Gran, David Newell, Guy Oliver, Tenen Holtz, Henry Fink, Lee Kohlmar, E. H. Calvert, Thomas A. Curran, Eddie Kane, Henry A. Barrows, Paddy O’Flynn, Dick Rush, Eugene Pallette.


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  1. Steve Burstein
    January 19, 2019

    I think such Jewish flavored films were put paid to not only by the fact that they would be banned in Germany after 1933 but by the Code restrictions on possibly offending different ethnic groups, and Hollywood’s need to cater to audences in small towns who wouldn’t “get” this. But such comedy continued to pop up in short subjects after 1933 after it disappeared from features(a few Smith and Dale shorts in 1939, for instance, and “Goldstein, Goldstein, Goldstein and O’Brian” in a Three Stooges).

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