School for Husbands (1937)


Two married men who neglect their wives become concerned when they begin spending time with Leonard Drummond, a handsome and charming novelist with a notorious reputation as a womaniser. They hatch a plan to see if their wives are conducting affairs which involves pretending to go to Paris then returning unexpectedly. However complications ensue when their car breaks down on the way back from Newhaven. The long night that follows really becomes a test of the fidelity and love of their wives.

Director: Andrew Marton.
Writers: Frederick J. Jackson (an adaptation from the play by) (as Frederick Jackson), Austin Melford (scenario), Frederick J. Jackson, Austin Melford & Gordon Sherry (dialogue).
Stars: Rex Harrison, Diana Churchill, June Clyde, Henry Kendall, Romney Brent, Roxie Russell, Richard Goolden, Phil Thomas, Judith Gick, Joan Kemp-Welch, Clive Baxter (uncredited).


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