On ne meurt que deux fois (1985) AKA He Died with His Eyes Open


A washed-up concert pianist is found dead beside a railway track, leaving back at his apartment the biggest heap of clues anyone could wish for: a pile of tape recordings in which he rambles on about his obsessive love for one Barbara. When the lady in question turns up, she immediately confesses to the bemused cop on the case.

Director: Jacques Deray. AKA He Died with His Eyes Open
Stars: Michel Serrault, Charlotte Rampling, Xavier Deluc, Elisabeth Depardieu, Jean Leuvrais, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Maurice Barrier, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Julie Jézéquel, Albert Delpy, Riton Liebman, Luc Florian, Gérard Darmon, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Philippe Héliès. 


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  1. Ursula Hemard
    June 22, 2021

    This was a lot fun! A Must for Rampling fans 😉

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