Lightnin’ (1930)


“Lightnin'” Bill Jones and Mrs. Jones are co-owners of a hotel built right on the borderline between California and Nevada, used as the temporary home of divorcing wives so that they may pretend to be in the “California” half of the hotel while establishing residency in the “Nevada” half. Lightnin’ befriends lawyer John MarvinĀ  at present residing in the California half to avoid arrest on a trumped-charge. When Lightnin’ refuses to sell his share of the hotel to a gang of stock crooks headed by Raymond Thomas, Mary is coerced into divorcing her husband so that she can sign over the deed herself.

Director: Henry King.
Stars: Will Rogers, Louise Dresser, Joel McCrea, Helen Cohan, Jason Robards Sr., Luke Cosgrave, J. M. Kerrigan, Ruth Warren, Sharon Lynn, Joyce Compton, Rex Bell, Goodee Montgomery, Phil Tead, Walter Percival, Charlotte Walker.


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