The Glass Alibi (1946)


Joe Eykner an opportunistic newspaper reporter, persuades wealthy, Santa Monica widow Linda Vale, to marry him. He and his girlfriend, Belle Martin, are planning on Bell soon dying from her heart ailment. But, renewed by love, Belle’s condition is rapidly improving, which prompts her impatient husband to scheme the murder, but police homicide-detective, Max Anderson, is asking a lot of questions.

Director: W. Lee Wilder.
Stars: Paul Kelly, Douglas Fowley, Anne Gwynne, Maris Wrixon, Jack Conrad, Cy Kendall, Selmer Jackson, Cyril Thornton, Walter Soderling, Victor Potel, George Chandler, Phyllis Adair, Ted Stanhope, Dick Scott, Eula Guy, Forrest Taylor.


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  1. Steve Burstein
    December 22, 2018

    Remade by the same director as THE BIG BLUFF(1955)

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