Innocents in Paris (1953)


A selection of passengers catch the plane from London for an early 1950’s weekend in Paris. The Scotsman in his kilt, the elderly lady painter, the international negotiator, and the pretty young girl all find the city welcomes them and changes their lives in some way.

Director: Gordon Parry.
Stars: Alastair Sim, Ronald Shiner, Claire Bloom, Margaret Rutherford, Claude Dauphin, Jimmy Edwards, James Copeland, Gaby Bruyère, Monique Gérard, Peter Illing, Colin Gordon, Kenneth Kove, Frank Muir, Louis de Funès, Philip Stainton, Peter Jones, Stringer Davis, Richard Wattis, Albert Dinan, Jean Richard, Maurice Baquet, Georgette Anys, Grégoire Aslan.


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  1. Cécile
    October 17, 2019

    Très bon film. Excellent actors. So many choices.. Thank you rarefilms team, merci beaucoup.

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