El amor brujo (1967) AKA Bewitched Love

Candelas can’t forget her lover, Diego, who died in a fight. Antonio, who loves her, seeks to help get rid of her obsessions. While Candelas dances with passion Diego appears to her. His death is a drill. A fight to death happens between the two men.

Director: Francisco Rovira Beleta.
Stars: Antonio Gades, La Polaca, Rafael de Córdoba, Morucha, Nuria Torray, José Manuel Martín, Fernando Sánchez Polack, Emilio Acosta, Chaqueta de Cádiz, Emilio de Diego, José El Rumbero. 
AKA Bewitched Love



  1. Bob Verini
    February 3, 2019

    SPOILERS HERE: Otherwise known as Bewitched Love, this is the Oscar-nominated version of a much adapted (often flamenco danced) folk tale of young Candela, torn between passionate Antonio and wicked Diego, who’s supposedly dead. Kind of meanders for its first hour: We don’t get any backstory on Candela or Diego (his supposed murder takes place just before the credits); mostly, she lurches around haunted by what she thinks is Diego’s ghost. Once Diego reappears (I can’t say I ever figured out why he made everyone think that was his corpse on the beach, or why he chose this particular moment to come forward) the action heats up. OK, I get it, it’s “elemental,” so we’re supposed to be above caring about character details. But that will fly in a flamenco ballet; it’s rather unsatisfying in a (mostly) realistic film. Glad I saw it, though—this is truly a rare filmm. 😊

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