The Lovable Cheat (1949)


A businessman and his partner are about to go bankrupt when the partner gets an idea to sail away and somehow find the money they need. Meanwhile, the one left behind has to figure out how to put off all the creditors, friends, family, investors, etc., until his partner comes back–IF his partner comes back.

Director: Richard Oswald.
Stars: Charles Ruggles, Peggy Ann Garner, Richard Ney, Alan Mowbray, Iris Adrian, Ludwig Donath, Fritz Feld, John Wengraf, Otto Waldis, Edna Holland, Minerva Urecal, Helen Servis, Jody Gilbert, Judith Trafford, Buster Keaton.


Many thanks to John H. for sending me a copy of this movie.

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  1. Steve Burstein
    December 15, 2018

    Probably the best role that Buster Keaton had in a feature since the 30s(albeit smaller), and the beginning of a 15-year burst of renewed activity in the US that continued until his death.

  2. Robert Funk
    December 21, 2022

    My sister in berkeley found a copy of this film in het shop.
    Her husband who died in 2020 had it, my sister had no idea what it was .. The film smells faintly of vinegar, but it appears to be in good shape its on 2 reels
    Is anyone interested in taking this?

    • Jon W.
      December 21, 2022

      Hey Robert,
      Do you know if it’s 35 or 16mm? I don’t deal with film reels but I can post this information on a few places and see I can find anyone interested in it, and what price? Also, let me know if I have permission to post your email for contact purposes.

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