Savage Pampas (1966)


In the late 1800’s, an army captain tries to tame the open plains of Argentina which are dominated by Indians and bandits. To help do this, the captain brings in a party of women to keep his soldiers happy.

Director: Hugo Fregonese.
Writers: Hugo Fregonese & John Melson (screenplay), Ulises Petit de Murat & Homero Manzi (novel).
Stars: Robert Taylor, Ron Randell, Marc Lawrence, Ty Hardin, Rosenda Monteros, Ángel Del Pozo, Felicia Roc, Charles Fawcett, Enrique Ávila, Laura Granados, Milo Quesada, Charles Fawcett, Héctor Quiroga, Lucía Prado, Juan Carlos Galván, George Rigaud, José María Caffarel, Pastora Ruiz, José Jaspe, Isabel Pisano, Araceli Labori, José Nieto, Sancho Gracia.


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