La puritaine (1986) AKA The Prude


This portrayal of the reunion of an estranged father and daughter is set against the backdrop of a theatrical production. The father Pierre is the artistic director of a theater, and when his daughter Manon lets him know that she is coming to see him after a year’s absence, Pierre decides to prepare for the meeting. He goes to the theater with his girlfriend Ariane and has the actresses in his troupe act out different aspects of his daughter’s character. Unfortunately, this is not adequate preparation, for when Manon does show up, nothing goes quite as he imagined.

Director: Jacques Doillon.
Stars: Michel Piccoli, Sabine Azéma, Sandrine Bonnaire, Laurent Malet, Brigitte Coscas, Anne Coesens, Corinne Dacla, Jessica Forde, Vinciane LeMen, Kitty Kortes-Lynch, Nicole Persy, Pascale Salkin, Pascale Tison.

1986 Venice Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Lion.


AKA The Prude

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