Lo Spadaccino Misterioso (1956) [English dub] AKA The Mysterious Swordsman


Count Ubaldo desires to make an unfavorable alliance with the Spanish armies. When Riccardo refuses to go along with the plans, he is ambushed in the forest and left for dead. However, he returns with a vengeance, organizes a band of marauders, and begins to pick away at Ubaldo’s forces. But Ubaldo kidnaps Laura, and Riccardo must storm the castle to free her.

Director: Sergio Grieco.
Stars: Frank Latimore, Fiorella Mari, Gérard Landry, Tamara Lees, Andrea Aureli, Giulio Battiferri, Antonio Corevi, Remo De Angelis. AKA The Mysterious Swordsman


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