Trunk to Cairo (1966)


Mike Merrick is an American agent who is sent to meet with Professor Schlieben a German scientist. During the mission it is revealed that the professor is a Neo-Nazi, developing a weaponized rocket that can be used against the Western world. Merrick now must destroy the rocket plans hidden in Schlieben’s lab. Things are further complicated when Radical Muslims insist on destroying the rocket themselves and Merrick. After kidnapping Schlieben’s daughter he must now escape Middle Eastern intelligence agencies against impossible odds.

Director: Menahem Golan.
Stars: Audie Murphy, George Sanders, Marianne Koch, Gila Almagor, Yossi Yadin, Bomba Tzur, Zeev Berlinsky, Hans von Borsody, Eitan Priver, Zalman, Eliezer Young, Shlomo Vishinsky, Tikva Mor, Elana Eden (as Ilana Foch), Cesar Suberi, Mona Silberstein.


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