Robby (1968)


After a shipwreck takes the lives of both his mother and father, Robby is saved from drowning by the young island native Friday. The Caucasian castaway and the young native become close friends and live together in a peaceful, idyllic co-existence that is underscored by their oblivion to racial stereotypes and prejudice. When a passerby novelist comes to the island and recognizes the wealthy boy, he takes both boys with him back to civilization. He promises they’ll remain together, but the viewer rightfully doubts his word, because when they arrive, the boys are separated due to society’s racial bigotry.

Director: Ralph C. Bluemke.
Stars: Warren Raum, Ryp Siani, John Garces, Rita Elliot, Ralph C. Bluemke, John Woodbridge.


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  1. Fenton
    January 16, 2021

    Great flim. Shows youths at it’s best.

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