Let’s Face It (1943)

A soldier stationed on an army base and his fiancé, who runs a women’s “fat farm” nearby, want to get married but don’t have enough money. Three customers of the “fat farm” scheme to get back at their philandering husbands by hiring the soldier and two of his buddies as “escorts” for the weekend. Complications ensue when the husbands show up unexpectedly.

Director: Sidney Lanfield.
Stars: Bob Hope, Betty Hutton, ZaSu Pitts, Phyllis Povah, Dave Willock, Eve Arden, Cully Richards, Marjorie Weaver, Dona Drake, Raymond Walburn, Andrew Tombes, Arthur Loft, Joe Sawyer, Grace Hayle, Evelyn Dockson, Emory Parnell.


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