Rented Lips (1988)


A documentary filmmaker, who has spent the last 15 years making films like “Aluminum: Our Shiny Friend,” is finally given the chance to make the documentary on Indian farming he has always wanted to. The catch? He must simultaneously direct a porn film. But as he tries to make the porn film, which he turns into a musical called “Halloween in the Barracks,” he must deal with a temperamental actor, a fundamentalist preacher, and other obstacles.

Director: Robert Downey Sr..
Stars: Martin Mull, Dick Shawn, Jennifer Tilly, Kenneth Mars, Robert Downey Jr., June Lockhart, Edy Williams, Shelley Berman, Jon-Paul Baumer, Mel Welles, Karl Bruskotter, Jack Riley, Pat McCormick, Eileen Brennan, Michael Horse.


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