Those Were the Days! (1940)


William Holden and Bonita Granville, heavily if not convincingly decked out in “old age” makeup, recall on their 35th wedding anniversary how they first met in 1904. Holden was a brash college freshman, while Bonita was the daughter of a local judge. Since Holden couldn’t stay out of trouble, the judge prohibited him from visiting his daughter, but the boy opposed the edict and ended up being arrested–with Bonita managing to have herself thrown in jail as well.

Director: Theodore Reed (as Jay Theodore Reed).
Stars: William Holden, Bonita Granville, Judith Barrett, Ezra Stone, Vaughan Glaser, Lucien Littlefield, Richard Denning, Phillip Terry, Tom Rutherford, Aldrich Bowker, James Seay, Douglas Kennedy, John Laing, John Hartley, Mark Roberts.


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