Angèle (1934)


Angèle, the daughter of Clarius, a farmer in the mountain of Provence, lives with her parents and their valet Saturnin. One day, near the farm, she meets Louis, a good-looking young man from Marseilles who is taking a holiday there. Unaware that he is nothing but a gigolo she is seduced by Louis and follows him to the city. But Louis, who has made her pregnant, forces her to be a whore before rejecting her. A year later, Saturnin comes to Marseilles in search of Angèle and finds her in a sorry state. He persuades her to return to the farm….

Director: Marcel Pagnol.
Stars: Orane Demazis, Fernandel, Henri Poupon, Jean Servais, Annie Toinon, Blanche Poupon, Marcelle Vial, Thommeray, Andrex, Charles Blavette, Juliette Petit, Fernand Flament, Darcelys, Delaurme, Édouard Delmont.


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  1. James558
    August 19, 2018

    Terrific, Jon! Thanks, I’ve been looking forward to seeing this. Thanks, as well, for ‘Get Rich Quick Wallingford’! That one had been a hard one to find, Thank you for helping out!

    Stay cool, friend!

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