Parigi è sempre Parigi (1951) AKA Paris is Always Paris


Parigi e Sempre Parigi was the second feature-length effort from famed Italian documentary director Luciano Emmer. Parigi concentrates on a gentle cultural clash between a band of Italian sports fans and the citizenry of Paris. The hero, DeAngelis has heard so much about “naughty Paree” that he’s determined to experience that naughtiness first hand. This plot device, of course, obliges the director to introduce several delectable French mademoiselles in the proceedings. Ultimately, DeAngelis realizes that reports of French libertinism have been grossly exaggerated, but he has a high old time finding this out.

Director: Luciano Emmer. AKA Paris is Always Paris
Stars: Aldo Fabrizi, Henri Guisol, Ave Ninchi, Jeannette Batti, Hélène Rémy, Marcello Mastroianni, Lucía Bosé, Carlo Sposito, Giuseppe Porelli, Janine Marsay, Galeazzo Benti, Paolo Panelli, Franco Interlenghi, Yves Montand. 

1951 Venice Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Lion.


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