Fool’s Fire (1992)


A crippled dwarf is forced to become jester to a tyrannical king, but when the king abuses a beautiful dwarf with whom the jester is in love the jester plots a terrible revenge.

Director: Julie Taymor.
Stars: Michael J. Anderson, Mireille Moss√©, Tom Hewitt, Paul Kandel, Reg E. Cathey, Kelly Walters, Thomas Derrah, Patrick Breen, Glenn Santiago, Patrick O’Connell, Robert Dorfman, Joan MacIntosh, Cynthia Darlow, Pippa Pearthree, Betsy Aidem.


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  1. November 22, 2018

    This made for TV movie is the directorial debut of Julie Taymor (Titus, Frida) and based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Hop-Frog, a story about a dwarf forced to become a jester by a tyrannical king. You may recognize Michael J. Anderson, who plays Hopfrog, from Twin Peaks. The other characters wear bizarre masks and costumes. A pity there isn’t a better copy available but thanks Jon for making this available. I’ll bet whoever uploaded it to YouTube got it here.

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