Behind the News (1940)


As suggested by its title, Behind the News was a “stop the presses!” yarn set in a big-city newsroom. Lloyd Nolan is top-billed as a cynical reporter with a penchant for sticking his neck out too far. Frank Albertson costars as a cub reporter fresh out of journalism school, whose presence is resented by Nolan and his fellow workers. But it is Albertson who, after running afoul of the law, is instrumental in breaking up a ring of racketeers. 

Director: Joseph Santley.
Stars: Lloyd Nolan, Doris Davenport, Frank Albertson, Robert Armstrong, Paul Harvey, Charles Halton, Eddie Conrad, Harry Tyler, Dick Elliott, Archie Twitchell, Veda Ann Borg.

1941 Academy Awards – Nominated for an Oscar for Best Sound, Recording (Charles L. Lootens).


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