Vysoká zed (1964) AKA The High Wall


After school, thirteen-year old Jitka likes to wander alone through Prague. One day, she discovers a high wall and a hospital garden behind it. It is summer and every afternoon, the nurses bring a young man bound to a wheelchair after an injury to the garden. Jitka begins to encourage the young man in his attempts to walk. The incongruous couple begins to have a friendly talk every day.

Director: Karel Kachyna. AKA The High Wall
Stars: Radka Dulíková, Vít Olmer, Helena Kruzíková, Václav Lohniský, Ivana Bilková, Marian Jirasko, Josef Koza, Andrea Cunderlíková. 


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  1. Tiff
    March 31, 2018

    Oh goodie! Thanks Jon, been wanting to see this one! You’re the best!

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