The Savage Horde (1950)


On the lam after killing an Army captain in self-defense, John “Ringo” Baker accidentally shoots his brother Lt. Mike Baker while making his escape. Ringo finds refuge in a remote town, where local ranchers hire him to thwart a greedy land baron.

Director: Joseph Kane.
Stars: Wild Bill Elliott, Lorna Gray, Grant Withers, Barbra Fulle, Noah Beery, Jr., Jim Davis, Bob Steele, Douglass Dumbrille, Will Wright, Roy Barcroft, Earle Hodgins, Stuart Hamblen, Hal Taliaferro, Lloyd Ingraham, Marshall Reed, Crane Whitley, Charles Stevens, James Flavin.


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  1. L.M Decusati
    March 24, 2020

    One of the better entries in the series of medium-budget Westerns Republic Pictures made with William Elliott. A man who killed an Army officer in self defense tries to live off his past and lead a peaceful life, but complications ensue when he joins a group of small ranchers who are being driven off government land.

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