Lady Bodyguard (1943)


An advertising representative for an insurance company, A. C. gets into trouble when she okays several $1000 life-insurance policies as a publicity stunt. One of the recipients is Terry Moore, who, thanks to a typographical error, finds that he’s been insured for one million dollars. Desperately, A. C. tries to talk Terry into cancelling the policy, but his avaricious beneficiaries don’t want this to happen.

Director: William Clemens.
Stars: Eddie Albert, Anne Shirley, Raymond Walburn, Roger Pryor, Edward Brophy, Maude Eburne, Clem Bevans, Mary Treen, Gus Schilling, Charles Halton, Olin Howland, Jack Norton, Donald MacBride, Emmett Vogan, John Dilson.


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  1. Jim
    March 31, 2018

    Why I love Rarefilmm! This is some ultra rare stuff, Jon!

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