Abducted (1986)


City girl Renee is enjoying a jog in the peace and quiet of the Canadian Rockies when she suddenly finds herself being chased by a crazed mountain man named Vern. Try as she might to escape, Vern soon catches her and takes her away to his remote cabin hideout. All may look lost for Renee, but Joe, his outdoorsman father, is determined to come to her rescue.

Director: Boon Collins.
Stars: Dan Haggerty, Roberta Weiss, Lawrence King-Phillips, William Nunn, Stephen E. Miller, John Welsh, James Brown, Rae Ford, Harold J. McCullough, Skip Borland, Rob Morton, Nelson Camire, Earl Jergens, Roy Waggoner.


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  1. R.Alvarez
    April 3, 2019

    for a girl that’s been in the bush for a few days, her undies are remarkably clean & white, lol.

  2. Donalynn Marie
    September 26, 2019

    She should have gave it to him in cottage already. That poor Vern no connection with society trapped off the grid with his daddy. Always jerking off to animals and nature and shit, he finally gets a chance to have a piece of ass from this girl whose only asking for it. I’m mean she’s cute innocent looking jogging in the freakin woods? Who knows what her underlaying modus operandi is. Go jogging in the woods and hopefully some sexy stranger will give it to her good! Perhaps after the first encounter make it a regular jog same spot every time. When Vern took his shirt off I was like damn he’s solid just give to him and take what you can out of it too.

  3. December 17, 2019

    Ruuuuuun! Run for your fucking life!!!

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