The Lady’s from Kentucky (1939)


Good-natured gambler Marty Black falls into ownership of a booking joint but soon falls on hard times. His one out is a marker for half-ownership in a young thoroughbred, which he quickly calls in. He discovers the other owner to be a young woman from an old horseracing family who wants to protect her colt almost as much as Marty wants to rush him into big races for a fast buck. While they clash, Marty soon comes to understand the human bond with the horses and what it means to be a thoroughbred.

Director: Alexander Hall.
Stars: George Raft, Ellen Drew, Hugh Herbert, Zasu Pitts, Louise Beavers, Lew Payton, Forrester Harvey, George Anderson, Edward Pawley, Gilbert Emery, Harry Tyler, Jimmy Bristow, Stanley Andrews, Robert Milasch.


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