…One Third of a Nation… (1939)


Adapted from a play which was originally produced by the Federal Theatre Project (part of the WPA), this is a film from the Depression era which shows the disparity between life in the slums and the life of the upper class. When a young man inherits a city block in the ghetto, he begins to meet those who live there. One, a young boy, had been crippled in a fire which ripped through his tenement. He meets and falls in love with this young boy’s sister as well.

Director: Dudley Murphy.
Writers: Oliver H.P. Garrett (screenplay by), Arthur Arent (from the play by), Dudley Murphy (adaptation).
Stars: Sylvia Sidney, Leif Erickson, Myron McCormick, Hiram Sherman, Sidney Lumet, Muriel Hutchison, Percy Waram, Otto Hulett, Horace Sinclair, Iris Adrian, Jeff Corey, Charles Dingle, Edmonia Nolley, Hugh Cameron, Julia Fassett, Baruch Lumet.


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  1. Jan Hansen
    October 23, 2023

    At first I thought that it would be boring but it really became interesting. It is an old film but it had a great feeling.

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