Lady of Vengeance (1957)


When 21-year-old Melissa Collins commits suicide, her guardian, the domineering American newspaper publisher William T. Marshall, searches (in flashback) for a reason. He finds it in a letter he receives from Melissa, after her death. In this, she asks Marshall to take revenge on her lover, who caused her such pain he made life not worth living. Marshall hires a professional criminal to plot the murder, with the proviso that the victim undergo the torments of the damned before he is finally killed. Trouble is, the wrong man is targeted for the publisher’s revenge.

Director: Burt Balaban.
Stars: Dennis O’Keefe, Ann Sears, Anton Diffring, Patrick Barr, Vernon Greeves, Eileen Elton, Frederick Schiller, Jacqueline Curtis, G.H. Mulcaster, Gerald Case, Jack McNaughton, Colin Croft, Andy Ho, Humphrey Morton.


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