Gli uomini, che mascalzoni… (1932) AKA What Scoundrels Men Are!

Bruno, a chauffeur having some problem in keeping a job, meets one morning Mariuccia, a taxi driver’s daughter working as a perfumery’s shop assistant, and trying to impress her, pretending to be rich, uses his employer’s car to took her on a trip to the lakes, but things don’t work as planned and to conquer Mariuccia’s hearth won’t be so easy…

Director: Mario Camerini.
Stars: Vittorio De Sica, Lia Franca, Cesare Zoppetti, Aldo Moschino, Carola Lotti, Anna D’Adria, Gemma Schirato, Renato Salvatori, Maria Montesano, María Denis (uncredited).


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