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December 25, 2023 / Documentary

DON’T SHOOT THE COMPOSER is far from an ordinary profile of Georges Delerue. It also serves as a calling card for Ken Russell, whose work would define the 1970s as Delerue’s did in the 1960s. It begins with a sly work of pastiche, parodying the conventions of French noir. It goes onto encompass slapstick, verité scenes of the Delerue family and a harrowing montage of the Vietnam War. This eclectic approach gives us a sense of the different facets of Delerue’s life- his love of cinema, his home life, his work ethic. It also prefigures Russell’s feature length biopics of Mahler and Liszt, though in a more modest- and lucid- fashion.

December 25, 2023 / Adventure
December 24, 2023 / Television

Waylon Flowers and his infamous Madame, who describes herself as an “alcoholic sex fiend,” are our escorts on an unforgettable, often risque tour of the Big Apple. Madame, dressed in a lavishly decadent gown and sequined headdress, sings, cackles and hoots her way through and is surpirsed by a number of guest stars, including the master of one liners, Henny Youngman. A talented puppeteer and comedian from Georgia, Waylon Flowers and his Madame have won an Emmy Award, a Jimmy Award (the best of Las Vegas) and a Georgia Award for Best Specialty Act from Acva.

November 18, 2023 / Television

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) was a revolutionary thinker whose ideas were to have a profound effect on the way governments plan their economic policies. Described by Bertrand Russell as one of the cleverest men he had met, Keynes was concerned with the collapse of prosperity between WWI & WWII, and urged a policy of expansion rather than austerity. The program follows his personal life and work using still and moving picture documents, paintings and cartoons in illustration.

November 18, 2023 / Biography

Joey Deacon, born in 1920 with brain damage, grew up with severe cerebral palsy, unable to talk or walk. When, in 1928, his mother died, he was sent to an institution where he lived for years, quite unable to make himself understood. Then, in 1941, he met Ernie Roberts who had one remarkable skill – he could understand Joey. This led to a new and richer life, and this film tells Joey’s remarkable story. Based on Joey Deacon’s book “Tongue tied”.

October 13, 2023 / Television

A “primer” or explanation of the basic plot, themes, sources and meanings in Stanley Kubrick’s widely praised and often misunderstood epic motion picture, released in 1968. Film clips illustrate the scenes as interpreted in a script narrated by Keir Dullea, one of the stars of the film. Includes some behind-the-scenes information and references to material not included in the final cut. Stanley Kubrick’s controversial science-fiction film classic is analyzed for its technical and visual pioneering role in viewing human history.

October 13, 2023 / Television
October 13, 2023 / Television

This two-part program is aimed specifically at the nature, styles and forms of the experimental theatre as demonstrated by the creative designs -and philosophies of two directors of international note. In the first part, avant garde director of the Polish Laboratory Theater, Jerzy Grotowski, talks to theater critic Margaret Croyden about his work and his reactions to wandering about the U.S. on foot and by car.