Category: Drama

July 25, 2022 / Drama

Sexual escapades with a parade of beautiful women distract an American Author trying to establish himself in post WWI Paris. Henry, the young author, travels through brothels and the streets of Paris, making friends and falling in love along the way. The dark underbelly of the city is explored in nights of drunken revelry as Henry’s exploits become increasingly lascivious.

July 9, 2022 / Arthouse

Abandoned by her husband, Laura takes her nine year old daughter, Muriel, and leaves the hectic life on Buenos Aires bound for the tranquility of Argentina’s countryside. When they lose all their belongings in a freak accident, Muriel and her mother are taken in by a suspicious proprietor of a run down hotel, Mirta who has children on her own. Through struggles and hardships, the two women form a makeshift family only to have it threatened when Muriel’s father shows up looking to make amends. It’s a story of courage and survival, it is also a story of men and women as seen through the eyes of a child.

July 9, 2022 / Comedy

A father brings a young child to an emergency room to get treatment for a minor injury occurring in an innocent accident, but he gets accused of child abuse. Child welfare agencies commit grossly unfair over-reactions to remove the child forcibly from the father, who must brave the arcane system to reclaim his daughter.

July 9, 2022 / Drama

Unlike many portrayals of first love, this film attempts an unromanticised and detached examination of an immature schoolboy’s newfound sexuality. Delighting in his sexual awakening but unable to cope emotionally, the boy leads himself and others towards tragedy. Writer-director Scott Murray transported Raymond Radiguet’s famous French novel to the Australian environment of the early 1940s.

July 2, 2022 / Arthouse

A young unmarried couple leave the politically turbulent Berkeley behind for a life in the country. Finding a place in sheep country, the couple awaits the birth of their first child as they revel in bucolic splendor. The tensions of city life are left behind as things progress towards the anticipated due date. The couple wishes to have a natural childbirth and are comforted that the expectant father is a pre-med student with some knowledge of the upcoming situation. Things go along smoothly until the expectant mother’s father returns after years of being a sailor.

July 2, 2022 / Drama

Ski instructor Johnny is carrying on a romance with Samantha, a married woman who also serves as the hostess at a ski lodge. Samantha coaxes Jack into giving skiing lessons to the Stones, a rich family whose patriarch is the head of a mysterious company planning to take over the resort.

June 23, 2022 / Arthouse

Doctor Glas is told in the form of a journal. The main character is Dr. Glas, a physician. The antagonist is Reverend Gregorius, a morally corrupt clergyman. Gregorius’ beautiful young wife confides in Dr. Glas that her sex life is making her miserable and asks for his help. Glas, in love with her, agrees to help even though she already has another adulterous lover. He attempts to intervene, but the Reverend refuses to give up his “marital rights”- she must have sex with him whether she likes it or not (at the time, a wife was legally the property of her husband, and subsequently had no right to say no). So, in order to make his love happy, he begins to plot her husband’s murder. 

June 23, 2022 / Drama

This heartwarming British drama is based on Beth the Sheepdog, a novel by Ernest Lewis. Beth is played, quite well indeed, by a magnificent animal named Fleet. The story concerns the efforts of various interested human parties to enter Beth in the All-England Dog Championship. When a farmer is unsuccessful in his efforts to purchase Beth for his own, he spitefully accuses the dog’s owner of sheep stealing. After this mess is straightened out, the plot segues into the Championship, and it is at this point that the film finally comes to life.