Too Hot to Handle (1960) [The Pink Flamingo Cut] AKA Playgirl After Dark


In London’s Soho, Johnny Solo runs the Pink Flamingo Club. He’s tough to intimidate. So when he starts getting threats and demands for protection, he fights back. Behind the takeover plot is a competitor, Diamonds Dielli. Midnight Franklin, who’s Johnny’s girlfriend and one of the club’s headliners, wants to get Johnny out of the business. In the background are a sadistic client, an underage chorus girl, a wisecracking siren who’s not averse to rough trade, a visiting journalist, and a dancer who guards her past. Can Johnny win the struggle with Diamonds, and can Midnight get him out of harm’s way?

Director: Terence Young. AKA Playgirl After Dark
Writers: Herbert Kretzmer (screenplay), Harry Lee (idea).
Stars: Jayne Mansfield, Leo Genn, Karlheinz Böhm, Danik Patisson, Christopher Lee, Kai Fischer, Patrick Holt, Martin Boddey, Sheldon Lawrence, Barbara Windsor, John Salew, Tom Bowman, Ian Fleming, Penny Morrell, Katherine Keeton, Susan Denny, Judith Bruce, Elisabeth Wilson, Shari Kahn, Bill McGuffie, Michael Balfour, Larry Taylor, June Elvin, Morton Lowry, Martin Sterndale, Harry Lane, Robin Chapman.
Cinematographer: Otto Heller.
Composer: Eric Spear.


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Language: English & German | Subtitles: English (hard, for German parts only)

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Restoration by tygerbug all credits and thanks go to him for this amazing piece of work. This is -for now- the longest copy in existence of this film, as you may know this film is currently in the public domain in the U.S. with several copies floating around but all of them in black and white, this is a rare, fandubbed composite color copy that uses multiple sources. The only “official” color copy of this film released in the market is a German DVD released by Media Target in 2011, the problem with that DVD is and same goes for most German releases of American or British films from this period is that they only include German dubbed audio so a fandub was needed to sync the English audio from the other copies with this one which for what I’ve been told wasn’t easy at all, but not only that, the B&W copy also included some scenes that weren’t included in the German release and because tygerbug didn’t want to left them out he decided to manually re-colour those scenes and tried to match them as best as possible with the other color scenes. Also the German release had some unique scenes for which English audio couldn’t be found, for example the scene starting at 1:06:30, for this scene and another one later on there’s English subtitles which tygerbug also created and that I that I tweaked slightly and improved timings here and there. Finally and if all of this effort wasn’t enough, just as he was about to finish with this project tygerbug found out about a French VHS release of this film that included some censored scenes that weren’t included in either of the other 2 versions previously available, fortunately this VHS was in color so recolouring wasn’t required in this case, those scenes are also included in this composite, super extended cut of the film that he decided to baptize ‘The Pink Flamingo Cut’. Enjoy and thanks again to tygerbug for the exquisite reconstruction/restoration job!

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  1. octo puppy
    April 6, 2024

    Wonderful version which redeems & brings out the best in this fascinating, oft misjudged film … Always amazing to me that whilst Brits were stereotyped as prudes; their industry was putting out things like this — & “The Flesh & the Fiends” with full-on toplessness in a very serious film the same year … While AmeriKKKa remained ensconced in the fifties repression & Code strictures & the Blacklist & etc. …

    Much though I love the Tashlin films as much as anyone; this might now take its place as my second favorite of Mansfield’s — after “The Burglar” where she was at her very best de-glamorized, plus the magnificent cinematography of Atlantic City & Philly & etc. … Bravo to the person who created this new version, as you’ve explicated above … (Let’s just hope Mariska doesn’t hasten to impose a take-down!)

  2. Jan O
    April 6, 2024

    Splendidly done cut of the film. I take my hat off

  3. Frank F
    April 8, 2024

    I love that someone cared enough to make this possible for Jayne fans! This is one of her very best films now seen as it should have been in glorious color! A beautiful job on a beautiful film! Thank you Gilbert for taking the time and doing this for us. My hat is off to you!

  4. Nick
    May 31, 2024

    Many thanks to all involved, brilliant job to all!!!

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