The Brave Bulls (1951)


Bullfighter Luis Bello is a star, but fear and doubt strike quickly after he is injured in the ring. Manager Raul Fuentes refuses to let him give up, though, pushing Luis to overcome his doubt and remain a matador. Luis agrees, but complications ensue when he falls for Raul’s girlfriend, Linda. Things get even worse after a tragic accident and a public embarrassment. Now, to salvage his dignity, Luis needs one last shot in the ring.

Director: Robert Rossen.
Writers: John Bright, Tom Lea (novel).
Stars: Mel Ferrer, Miroslava, Anthony Quinn, Eugene Iglesias, José Torvay, Charlita, Jose Luis Vasquez, Alfonso Alvirez, Alfredo Aguilar, Francisco Balderas, Felipe Mota, Pepe López, Jose Meza, Vicente Cárdenas, Manuel Orozco, Estive Domínguez, Silviano Sánchez, Francisco Reiguera, Eduardo Arozamena, Luis Corona, Esther Laquin, Juan Assael, Delfino Morales, Rita Conde, Ramón Díaz Meza, Fanny Schiller, Fernando Del Valle.
Cinematographers: Floyd Crosby, James Wong Howe.
Composer: Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

Optional English subtitles are available for this program, to enable them on the video player click on the cogwheel, click on the last option (субтитры), and finally, click on “En (SDH)”.


Pretty damn hard to find a good quality copy of this film, not sure why, this one looks alright.

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