Tano da morire (1997) AKA To Die for Tano


Shot in his butcher shop by a rival clan during the Mafia wars of 1988, the Palermo Mobster Tano Guarrasi is mourned by his wife, four unmarried sisters and his daughter. But in truth, his death represents a kind of liberation for the women.

Directors: Roberta Torre, Vincenzo Navarra.
Writers: Enzo Paglino, Gianluca Sodaro, Roberta Torre.
Stars: Ciccio Guarino, Enzo Paglino, Mimma De Rosalia, Maria Aliota, Adele Aliotta, Annamaria Confalone, Vincenzo di Lorenzo, Lorenzo La Rosa, Giacomo D’Ignoto, Francesca Di Cesare, Filippo Teriaca, Eleonora Teriaca, Concetta Alfano, Maurizio Testa.
Cinematographer: Daniele Cipri. AKA To Die for Tano
Composer: Nino D’Angelo.


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