Maicol (1988)


Maicol’s mother Anita is distracted by too many concerns to pay him much mind, so Maicol seeks fulfillment in his inner life, which is very busy and rich. The five year-old has made a world for himself populated by situations and people from the movie Dune, and anything he says to anyone is unlikely to refer to anything else. When his unmarried working mother takes him with her to the train station for her rendezvous with her lover, he occupies himself during their long wait by exploring everything in sight. Unused to dealing with anything but his fantasy life, after he gets himself lost he is of no help to the police in their search for his mother.

Director: Mario Brenta.
Writer: Angela Cervi.
Stars: Simone Tessarolo, Sabina Regazzi, Giovanni Crespi, Maria Teresa Oldani, Monica Saccomandi, Santo Sariotti.
Cinematographer: Fabrizio Borelli.
Composer: Roberto Anselmi.


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