Rumble in the Streets (1997)


All her life Tori has faced poverty, vice and addiction. Still a child, she finds herself hunted by a renegade cop who has been systematically murdering street kids like her.

Director: Bret McCormick.
Writers: Andy Ruben, Katt Shea.
Stars: David Courtemarche, Kimberly Rowe, Patrick De Fazio, Glenn Brown, Doris Phillips, Laura Heuston, Tom Young, Quinton Long, Frank Magglio, Ali Nazary, Mike Nicol, Dylan Coover, Darlene Horan, Scarlett McAlister, Jenine Galante, Taylor Kaye Horrigan, Averi Leonard, Vanessa Lauren, John Kaufman, True Taylor, Silky Taylor, Peggy Mitchell, River Taylor, Mike Lovett, Sean Cordobes, Vickers Wilson, Robert Maciejewski, Mark W. Johnson, Joshua Olsen, Patrick Horrigan, Randy Rostetter.
Cinematographer: R. Scott Wilson.
Composer: Roy Machado.


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