Jacoba (1989)


Filmmaker Joram ten Brink owes his existence to a letter flung from a train bound for the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz over 70 years ago. The letter to his grandparents from their 16 year old son, Leo, who was murdered soon afterwards, was written in Dutch under the eyes of Nazi guards. Yet hidden in the text was a single Yiddish word, “weyiverig”, meaning: “HIDE YOURSELVES!” It was enough to persuade the Jewish ten Brink family to flee and set in motion a rescue to compare with the inspiring story of Anne Frank.

Director: Joram ten Brink.
Writer: Joram ten Brink.
Stars: Salco Ten Brink, Hendrina Ten Brink, Jozef Ten Brink, Meijer Ten Brink, Johan Omvlee, Coby Omvlee, Gezienus Omvlee, Jan Omvlee, Ellen Omvlee, Jurrie Omvlee, Leo Ten Brink (voice).
Cinematographer: Goert Giltay.


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