Beach House (1982)


A group of down-home Italians from Brooklyn, with Anthony in the lead, settle into a vacation beach house with another group of teens from Philadelphia. Anthony finds his interest focusing on blond Philadelphian Cindy, and the rest of the film follows with the usual pairing off, disagreements, and discussions.

Director: John A. Gallagher.
Writers: Marino Amoruso, John A. Gallagher.
Stars: Ileana Seidel, John Cosola, Kate McNeil, Richard Duggan, Spence Waugh, Paul Anderson, Adam Roth, Chris Phillips, Jonathan Paley, Marino Amoruso, Dana Nathan, Richard Warren, Eddie Brill, Nancy Quinn, Regan Kennedy, Bobbie Amoruso, Bev Bradford, Maggie Page, Donna Losola, John Amoruso, Al Wheatley.
Cinematographer: Peter Stein.
Composer: Adam Roth, C.P. Roth.


Many thanks to Media Dungeon for this VHSRip. It’s a bit better than the copy on Youtube, I re-encoded the mp4 to remove the black bars, fix the AR and applied a light denoise on the video. 

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