Baseynat (1977) AKA The Swimming Pool


Bella, a sensitive and clever girl, experiences her first disillusionment at the school graduation ball. The following morning, she meets Apostol, a middle-aged man, architect, and former participant in the anti-fascist struggle. He reveals to her his views on life. He introduces her to Bufo, a younger person, and a failure as an actor although possessing “the talent of a friend”. Thus the trio is formed. Bella marries Bufo, though Apostol remains the man and person whom she would have desired to meet in her lifetime.

Director: Binka Zhelyazkova. AKA The Swimming Pool / Басейнът.
Writer: Hristo Ganev.
Stars: Kosta Tsonev, Yanina Kasheva, Kliment Denchev, Tzvetana Maneva, Petar Slabakov, Georgi Kaloyanchev, Vassil Mihajlov, Stefan Stefanov, Olga Kircheva, Velika Kolarova, Zorka Georgieva, Vihar Stoychev, Kameliya Kostadinova, Elena Kuneva, Stefan Delchev, Milka Popangelova, Georgi Kishkilov, Tacho Tachev, Dimitar Tzonev, Nikola Chipriyanov, Dimitar Keranov, Stela Arnaudova, Lyuba Petrova, Kina Mutafova, Spas Spasov, Pavel Todorov, Mihail Slavov.
Cinematographer: Ivaylo Trenchev.
Composer: Simeon Pironkov.


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Note: Mkv multisubs version includes subtitles in Bulgarian, German, English, Spanish, French & Russian but only the English sub is in .srt, the others need to be OCRed as I don’t have time to do them myself atm, they will still be detected just fine with most video players in this format.

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  1. October 31, 2023

    A bunch of modernist progressive shit ! What a desillusion considering the tied up balloon…

  2. Someone1
    November 2, 2023

    Some people in the comments do no understand a word what was said, picture that was shown in the movie. It is sad. The works of Khristo Ganev and his wife Binka Zhelyazkova are autobiobraphical, they speak of their past lives in the WAR and of their resentment and disillusionment of the present under the leadership they have.

    The photo of the young revolutionary woman, whom Apostol denies knowing, and obviously lies about the matter, is Binka herself. Binka’s husband wrotethe script. And she directed it. And she stars as one of the characters whom were are denied knowing the exact role in it all.

    The dialogues are funny in the way how the characters do not have them prepared at all, it’s like real life on screen. It is also really curious how the film description speaks of something that never happens on screen, young Bela crying on the unconnected phone, wanting a lasting connection, is not what the description says… so you have to wonder whom the conclusions are coming out of. Is that the script writer = Binka’s husband Khristo? Is he the buffoon of this story?

    Tied Up Baloon, whichwas the first one I could see, also talked a lot about prison, WW2, WW1… this one talked a lot about her former colleagues, who “became realists” building the style of communism that “passed”, not the idealistic one.

    There is a lot of sorrow in all of the characters, like the life under communism tents to create, luckily it is nowhere near the level of Solaris, very much luckily so, because that one radiates depression that won’t leave you for many weeks.

    tl;dr: This movie is in the series of Binka and Hristo that helps you understand their lives better. And you have to ask: is Apostol really a character radiated by Hristo himself? Was the beautiful woman on the passport supposed to be his wife, given how he was drinking and trying to shake it all off?

    And lastly: does anyone know where to get the full size movie poster in high resolution, please? The one where Bela ohds onto the forearm of Apostol. Thanks.

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