Harbor Lights (1963)


Professional gambler Dan Crown arrives in San Juan to visit his brother Alex, only to learn from the police that Alex has been found murdered. To Captain Acosta’s questioning, Dan answers that he had no knowledge of his brother’s affairs. Dan then finds Gina Rosario searching his hotel room, and together they begin to investigate Alex’s death.

Director: Maury Dexter.
Writer: Harry Spalding.
Stars: Kent Taylor, Miriam Colon, Jeff Morrow, José Antonio Torres Martinó, José de San Antón, Braulio Castillo, Ralphie Rodriguez, Allan Sague.
Cinematographer: John M. Nickolaus Jr.
Composers: Paul Sawtell, Bert Shefter.


Many thanks to John for sending me a copy of this film.

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  1. Nick
    May 21, 2023

    Thanks a million. Been looking for this for ages!!

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