Acting on Impulse (1993) AKA Roses are Dead


In this behind-the-scenes thriller, a movie actress finds herself accused of hacking up her producer. She tries to flee with two lovers preparing to marry. The three get into all sorts of trouble that ends with the death of the fiancee. Once again, the actress finds herself accused of the crime, but did she do it?

Director: Sam Irvin. AKA Roses are Dead.
Writers: Solomon Weingarten (story), Mark Pittman (screenplay), Alan Moskowitz (screenplay).
Stars: C. Thomas Howell, Linda Fiorentino, Nancy Allen, Judith Hoag, Tom Wright, Adam Ant, Paul Bartel, Patrick Bauchau, Isaac Hayes, Don Most, Charles Lane, Peter Lupus, Kim McGuire, Miles O’Keeffe, Cassandra Peterson, Zelda Rubinstein, Nicholas Sadler, Dick Sargent, Brinke Stevens, Michael Talbott, Mary Woronov, Bob Golub, Cliff Dorfman, Craig Shoemaker, Scott Thompson Stevens.
Cinematographer: Dean Lent.
Composer: Daniel Licht.


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  1. Saw it three times…Sam Irvin´s film is a combo of murder mystery, quirky insight tinseltown pulp; zany comedy and it never lets go…it pays tribute to PRIVATE ARTS by Paul Bartel-with Paul doing a bit part 9his dealing with Miles O´Keefe´s -as a beefcake b-movie actor- in a scene is very funny); a great cast with stellar performances by everyone around including special guest appearances by Peter Lupus, Donnie Most, Dick Sargent and many, many more,gorgeously- lit by Dean Lnt.
    A must-see.

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