Corridos: Tales of Passion & Revolution (1987)


Corridos! Tales of Passion and Revolution is a one-hour celebration of Mexican-American music and culture. Long before television and radio, ‘Los Corridos’ were the singing voice of the people along, above and below the two thousand-mile U.S. Mexican border. The television special presents two full-length corridos: ‘Delgadina’, a haunting parable of incest in a wealthy Mexican family; and ‘Soldadera’, based on the dispatches of American journalist John Reed, in which the compelling story of Elizabeth is framed by three songs of women during the 1910 Mexican Revolution.

Director: Luis Valdez.
Writer: Luis Valdez.
Stars: Clancy Brown, Felipe Cantu, Miguel Delgado, George Galvan, Lettie Ibarra, Rogelio Lopez, Linda Lopez, Sal Lopez, Irma Rangel, Alma Martinez, Linda Ronstadt, Daniel Valdez, Evelyn Cisneros, Luis Valdez, Lakin Valez, Robert Vega.


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