The Road to Galveston (1996)


In this heartwarming drama, a dying widow “abducts” a trio of women suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and embarks upon a journey to the title Texas town in order to fulfill her lifelong fantasy of seeing the ocean.

Director: Michael Toshiyuki Uno.
Writer: Tony Lee.
Stars: Cicely Tyson, Piper Laurie, Tess Harper, James McDaniel, Starletta DuPois, Penny Johnson, Brandon Hammond, Stephen Root, Clarence Williams III, Dennis Letts, Salle Ellis, Patti Yasutake, Tony Frank, Dee Hennigan, Haskell Craver, Alex Morris, Akin Babatunde, John S. Davies, Kory Washington, Alfred Smith, Ptosha Storey.
Cinematographer: João Fernandes (DP).
Composer: Stanley Clarke.


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