Pink Narcissus (1971)


The work of artist and photographer James Bidgood, Pink Narcissus is a breathtaking and outrageous erotic poem focusing on the daydreams of a beautiful boy prostitute who, from the seclusion of his ultra-kitsch apartment, conceives a series of interlinked narcissistic fantasies populated by matadors, dancing boys, slaves and leather-clad bikers. 

Director: James Bidgood (as Anonymous).
Writer: James Bidgood (as Anonymous).
Stars: Bobby Kendall, Don Brooks, Charles Ludlam.
Composers: Gary Coch, Martin Jay Sadoff.
Cinematographer: James Bidgood (uncredited).


RIP James Bidgood (1933-2022)

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  1. Gerald L. Austin
    December 10, 2022

    It’s interesting that nobody has commented yet. This is a very strange movie. I have no interest in the male rear end, and there seemed to be a lot of that here. What I definitely am interested in is full-frontal male nudity. For a good portion of thiis movie there was always either a thin fabric covering the male organ, or cloth that was placed in a very teasing way. Finally in the latter half of the movie we started to see some very nice scenes of the naked male body, which I liked very much. Most of the music was much to my liking also. This was a good addition to your collection.

    • May 20, 2023

      Those are my sentiments exactly. Still, it’s 1971. The LGBTQ community wasn’t as “exposed” back then as it is now. Take TLA Releasing for one example. I enjoyed this movie both for what it was and wasn’t.

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