Motorcycle Gang (1957)


A troublemaker returns to town only to find his old tearaway pals have joined a supervised motorcycle club. Friction erupts between him and the new leader about this goody-goody setup, and about the charms of gang moll Terry.

Director: Edward L. Cahn.
Writer: Lou Rusoff.
Stars: Steven Terrell, Anne Neyland, John Ashley, Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer, Raymond Hatton, Wayne Taylor, Russ Bender, Hal Bogart, Jean Moorhead, Phyllis Cole, Scott Peters, Susanne Sidney, Eddie Kafafian, Edmund Cobb, Shirley Falls, Paul Blaisdell, Aki Aleong, Zon Murray.
Cinematographer: Frederick E. West (DP).
Composer: Albert Glasser.


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