About Time – Once Upon a Time (1985) Film Essay based on "And our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos" by John Berger


Once Upon a Time was filmed entirely in different spaces in and around John Berger’s house in the Haute Savoie in France. It’s a moving and unusual meditation on our experience of time, as revealed through a careful selection of contrasting and thought-provoking time-centred ‘stories’, both old and new. And whether written by himself or others, all were read by John and beautifully edited, using only the filmed images of things found inside the house in books or on the walls, or outside in the surrounding countryside and nearest town.

Directors: Michael Dibb, Christopher Rawlence.
Writer: John Berger (narrative script).
Stars: John Berger, Beverly Bancroft (uncredited).
Composers: Jean-Marc Jacquier, Michael Ratledge & Karl Jenkins (Title music).
Cinematographer: Alastair Cameron.


Note: Found this copy on Youtube, the quality is better than other copies I’ve seen around, from there I downloaded it, fixed the audio that was coming only from one side and also removed few seconds of dead black screen here and there, then restiched all together with Losslesscut without re-encoding.

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  1. Tveitt Irgens
    December 17, 2022

    Thanks! I’ve read quite a bit of Berger and this film, strangely enough, is at par with it. High quality film.

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