Li gui chan shen (1987) AKA Split of the Spirit


Fred Tan’s Split of the Spirit is a macabre tale of supernatural possession, necromantic battles, and the vengeful phantom of a woman scorned. In Tan’s stylish neo-noir thriller, a renowned female choreographer becomes overtaken by the specter of a murdered woman, who forces her to enact revenge upon the men who have wronged her. 

Director: Fred Tan. AKA 離魂 / Split of the Spirit.
Writer: Fred Tan.
Stars: Siu-Fung Wong, Shu-Yuan Hsu, Shao-Kang Wu, Kuan-Chung Ku, Lap Ban Chan, Ai-Li Chou, Cynthia Khan, Tai-Kit Mak, Tuan-Sun Yang, Yuan-Chang Yang.


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