The Biko Inquest (1984)


Based on the official transcripts of the investigation that followed after the very suspicious notorious death in prison of one of the most important leading men of the South African anti-apartheid movement, Steven Biko.

Directors: Graham Evans, Albert Finney.
Writers: Jon Blair, Norman Fenton, Joshua Sinclair.
Stars: Michael Aldridge, Nigel Davenport, Mark Dignam, Albert Finney, Stafford Gordon, Michael Gough, Edward Hardwicke, Paul Jerricho, Richard Johnson, John Standing, Paul Fryer, Betty Bod Hlela, Peggy Phango, Benny Mayer, Doreen Webster, Alan Field, Roy Seely, Colin Thomas, Paul Howlett, Steve Rome, Robert Peters, Len Gilbey.


Big, big thanks to Alex (@TheDukeMitchell) for the massive help with acquiring and digitizing this rare film from VHS, without him this upload would not have not been possible. Another very rare but important piece of film and television history saved from ending in oblivion! Thanks again Alex, really appreciate everything you’ve been doing to for the rarefilmm community lately, you’re truly amazing my friend.

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One Comment

  1. August 18, 2022

    What a cast. And what a tragic, sickening crime
    Finney, Davenport, Gough, Hardwicke, Standing etc.
    Thank you so much

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