For Ladies Only (1981)


A young man from Iowa comes to New York hoping to make it as an actor. However, he doesn’t get a break and is almost out of money. So another actor who moonlights as a stripper encourages him to try it out. Eventually, he becomes the headliner of the club but his acting aspirations are in danger cause of it.

Director: Mel Damski.
Writers: Charles Hairston (original story), John Riley.
Stars: Gregory Harrison, Marc Singer, Patti Davis, Viveca Lindfors, Steven Keats, Dinah Manoff, Louise Lasser, Lee Grant, Richard Charles Barsh, Tom Quinn, Vivian Matalon, Charles Kimbrough, Robert Well, Frank Hamilton, Craig Anderson, Max Wright, Brad Rice, Bill Hutton, Tucker Smallwood, Miguel Godreau, Chester Clark, Star Frohman, Jack Gilpin, Rosemary Hochschild, Valerie Kassel, Iris Little Thomas, Tony Lucas, John Lantz, Patrick Bagwell, Georgia Southcotte, Wendy Wolfe.


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