Mario and the Mob (1992)


Mario Dante is a crime boss in the mafia. He inherits a mob of his own, when his nephews and niece have to come and live with him. Along with Alice his girlfriend, they stumble through mishaps and learn to love each other.

Director: Virgil W. Vogel.
Writer: Nicholas Corea.
Stars: Robert Conrad, Ann Jillian, Byrne Piven, Mark Morettini, Michael Nicolosi, Jay Leggett, Christopher Noga, Tammy Brady, Jesse Erwin, Bo Kaprall, Mitch Rouse, LaVelda Fann, Steve Cory, Kyle Cory, Jim Ortlieb, John Finn, Mike Bacarella, Joseph Romanov, Tony Rodney Monaco, Jane MacIver, Brendon DeMay, James Krag, David Razowsky, James Deuter, Carl Paoli, David Gee, Fern Persons, Randy Steinmeyer, William Hunt, Joe Guastaferro, Christopher Reed.


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  1. SJ
    November 14, 2022

    Thank you! This is much better quality than my (currently buried in the garage) VHS taped off TV in the 90s, It’s not high concept, but it’s still a sweet movie with a good cast.

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