Kuhle Wampe, oder: Wem gehört die Welt? (1932) AKA Kuhle Wampe or Who Owns the World? / Whither Germany?


This Weimar Germany film classic uses an avant-garde, fragmented narrative to tell the story of a working-class family in Berlin in 1931. Survival is difficult, with massive unemployment in the wake of the Great Depression. After Anni’s brother commits suicide in despair, her family finds itself forced to move to Kuhle Wampe, a lakeside camp on the outskirts of Berlin, now home to increasing numbers of unemployed. When Anni’s relationship with Franz ends, she moves back to Berlin and gets involved in the workers’ youth movement. Already censored in March 1932, the film was then banned by the Nazis in 1933 for having “communist tendencies.”

Director: Slatan Dudow.
Writers: Bertolt Brecht, Ernst Ottwald.
Stars: Hertha Thiele, Ernst Busch, Martha Wolter, Adolf Fischer, Lili Schoenborn-Anspach, Max Sablotzki, Alfred Schaefer, Gerhard Bienert, Martha Burchardi, Carl Heinz Charrell, Karl Kahmen, Fritz Erpenbeck, Josef Hanoszek, Richard Pilgert, Hugo Werner-Kahle, Hermann Krehan, Paul Kretzburg, Anna Müller-Lincke, Rudolf Pehls, Erich Peters, Olly Rummel, Willi Schur, Martha Seemann, Hans Stern, Karl Wagner.


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